Springfield Colorado
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Springfield Colorado
Local Wild life

Once in a while the wild life will venture into town and some actually live here on a regular basis. If you leave dog food sitting out on your porch for you pooch, and he does not eat it all up, you may have a skunk who decides to move in under your house.

The crops are starting to grow. This is east of Pritchett.
The Antelope gave me a classic pose in the field.

Bear up a pole in Walsh
A rare site in Baca County, a brown bear was sitting on top
of a highline pole just north of Walsh on Friday, May 19. (2006)

Cottentail rabbit
You will see these cottentailed rabbits all over town.

Deer grazing along Hwy 160

Turtles hang around and are seen in the annual turtle races at the fair.

Red Fox
A very large Red Fox was seen crossing a west side Springfield Road.

A large raccoon

Prairie dog
Prairie dog picture taken at Two Buttes Mountain

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lions, are rarely seen, but they out there.