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Plainsman Herald Newspaper

July 14, 2005
Dave Weedon

ADVISEMENTS OF RIGHTS-Springfield Police Officer Jay D. Mort is pictured reading David Weeden his rights at the scene on Sunday morning. Also pictured are Springfield Police Sergeant Aaron Shiplett and Baca County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Salzbrenner.


On Sunday, July 10 at approximately 11:07 a.m. Baca County Sheriff's office received three 911 calls reporting gunshots fired and one male victim with gunshot wounds at 7th and Elm in Springfield.


Springfield Police Officer Jay D. Mort responded to the scene as well as Baca County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Salz­brenner. After arriving at the scene, the shooting suspect Dave Weeden, holding a small handgun, was struggling with a female on the ground. Ron Hill was standing over them with an automatic handgun pointed at Weeden. The gunmen were ordered to drop their weapons and Mort and Salzbrenner then gained con­trol of Weeden. Weeden was then handcuffed behind his back and placed in the patrol



Hill had multiple gunshot wounds to his head, back and leg and Karen Clarke had a possible broken finger which occurred when she tried to wrestle a handgun away from Weeden. Hill was transported to Southeast Colorado Hospital by ambulance. Sheriff Terry Mullins transported Clarke to the hospital a few minutes later. Both were released later that evening.


At approximately 11:27 Springfield Police Sergeant Aaron Shiplett arrived on scene. At 11:32 a.m. Shiplett, Salzbrenner and Mort then advised Weeden of his rights and explained that he was under arrest for attempled murder, in which Weeden stated he understood. He had no visable injuries at this time.


At 11:52 Mort transported Weeden to Baca County Jail where it was discovered that he had a self-inflicted knife wound to the neck. He was immediately transported to Southeast Colorado Hospital, where he was later airlifted to Swedish Medical Center in Englewood.


Hill had stated to police that Weeden had pulled up in front of his resident and pulled out a shotgun and fired at him striking him in the head, back and leg. Hill also stated that he had pushed a young boy, who was outside with him, under his pickup and shot twice at Weeden in self defense with a 9mm handgun which he had in his pickup. Hill was fairly sure he had not hit Weeden with those shots.

Baca County Sheriff's News

The Sheriff's office reports that there are no news releases this week.
(July 20, Baca Weekly)

Baca Weekly Attemps a follow-up of this story:

Dave Weeden (age 45) died on Monday, July 11,2005 while being transported by the Baca County Sheriffs Office. Late Monday evening Weeden was alleged to have jumped from the car while it was traveling southbound on Highway 287 approximately 17 miles north of Springfield.

On Sunday, Weeden had been involved in a domestic dispute involving gun fire. According to the Springfield Police Affidavit, Weeden was handcuffed and placed in the back of the Springfield Police car. As he was being transported to the Baca County Jail, Springfield Police Officer Jay Mort noticed Weeden had a wound on his neck. From the Southeast Colorado Hospital Weeden was transported to Englewood Colorado for treatment.

In the affidavit for a warranties arrest, Weeden had been charged with attempted first degree murder, assault in the first degree, assault in the 3rd degree and domestic violence.

At this time (July 2005) the Baca County Sheriff's Office is making no comment because the incident is under investigation.

Dave Weedon