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Where do you go from nowhere?
Letter to an Alcoholic

I donít buy it anymore. The whining that is. The claiming that you canít help yourself. The bullshit that you have a disease. Of course you do. But you also have a choice to be well and you have had many chances to get your life together. Others have done it. Why canít you? Why do you think you are so special? Why do you think the world owes it to you to take care of you? Of course you will say that no one understands you or how hard life is, and you will say that you can take care of yourself. You haven't. So now where do you go from nowhere?

You are a cruel selfish irresponsible pathetic human being. I don't know your soul, you have abandoned it. You have broken many hearts, and nearly destroyed some of the people who cared for you the most without any compassion for them or any thought for anyone but yourself. You have lost your children. They are smoking pot, and they wonít even talk to you anymore. You turn your back on life. You blame others. You threaten suicide, you refuse to face responsibility. This is a dangerous game you play, it will not end well.

You feel sorry for yourself. You moan and cry about how you let everyone down. You let yourself down. You hate yourself and you hate others who try to keep you from your addiction. You are a crybaby who canít face life and canít grow up and canít face responsibility of any kind. You crawl into a hole hoping someone will come and take care of you and feel sorry for you. Even when you are sober you are afraid and unable to handle responsibility. You need to grow up. AA cannot even help you. None of us can help you. You are lost, and we have lost faith in you. You have nothing more to loose. The love in our hearts can't help you. You have to find the love in your own heart now.

Where do you go from nowhere?

Are you an alcoholic? Don't like this article?
So what would your cry-baby whinny assed opinion be?
Email me, gloria@springfieldcolorado.com


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