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Pumpkins are lined up at the Courthouse waiting for the judging.

This pumpkin is grinning,
but that is an evil grin to be sure.

This pumpkin sure looks familiar,
except the girl is not blowing a bubble.

"Oh don't make me throw up!
Too Late.

"Waaa! Time to change my diaper."

"Hello, I would like to introduce
you to my date, Scarecrow Man."

Miss Piggy Pumpkin

"Hey man, where is the music? "

"Hey Chuck, did you see how that Judge
looked at me? I think she's gonna
pick me! Don't you think so?"

"No way, I am gonna win this beauty
contest hands down."

"Don't hate me just because I am beautiful."

"Hey sweetheart, lets blow this pumpkin patch."

One of the pumpkins changed into a human.

Judges Dona Baxter and Sandy Campion carefully study the pumpkins and scarecrows to determine the winner.

"Duh, I think I'm gonna fly outta here."

Psst! Hey, my pumpkin's bigger than your pumpkin!

"Hey! Would you get your grimmy hands off my girl?"

Dana's Delights serving hot dogs and other Yummies

Hey here comes the headless horsemen.