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Picture Canyon Artist Trip

Looking out of Crack Cave
Looking out of crack cave.
Inside Crack Cave
Markings inside Crack Cave

Artists from the Prairie Sky Art Gallery in Lamar and the Ports to Plains Art Gallery in Springfield went on a painting trip to Picture Canyon. It was wonderful and green and a very sunny day. Some painted on location, others just hiked and took pictures. These are pictures I took of the trip and the artists who went. We did not go into crack cave, but I included the pictures above for the curious who want to know what is inside.

Below, I experimented with a java script to get the technique where you click on the picture for a larger version.

Picture Canyon
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Picture Canyon Artists- Dung Beatle- Pond at Picture Canyon- Bird and Pond- Cliff Painting of Horse

Dog and picture Canyon- Pictograph of Man- Cliff cave- Pond at Picture Canyon- Rocks at picture Canyon- Bird in Pond

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