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Baca County buries Jane Doe after 17 years

Articla By the baca Weekly
September 14, 2005

A crypt containing the remains of an unidentified female and the forensic information about the remains -were buried in the Springfield Cemetery.

In 1988 Paul Brinkley found scattered bones of a young female on his property southwest of Springfield. On September 2nd she was laid to rest i n the Spring-field cemetery by the Baca County Coroners Office and the Sheriffs Office. In the years since 1988, the Coroners office and Sheriffs office has tried in vain to identify the remains of this young woman. She was known as Jane Doe by all who worked on this case. What Paul Brinkley found was most of the skeleton, the bones were not all there and what was there was white and bleached. Part of the spine was still connected. In the years that followed we have learned a great deal about this young woman. She was Hispanic, about 5'2" to5"4', about 130 Ibs. in her early 20's and had never had children. From her dental work we think she either came from Mexico or from along the Mexican border. We can narrow the time of death down to a few months. The death was very likely a homicide. While we know this about this woman, we still don't know who she is. We do know she is somebody's daughter and needs to be returned to her family. If she is ever identified, she can be disinterred and returned to her family. While she rests in the Springfield Cemetery now, the investigation into here identity and the events surrounding her death is still open. If anyone has any information concerning this death, contact (he Baca County Sheriffs Office.

Jane Doe buried in Baca County