Groceries and Food Stores

Baca County Thriftway serves as our Super Market in Springfield but we have other places to forage for food, even late at night --Love's Country Store. The Dollar Store has Milk and canned goods; If you need a quick dinner, already cooked, you can sometimes pick up a roasted chicken or ribs at Thriftway.

Loves Country Store is also a Subway shop and has great sandwiches.

Trails in Dining is a great place to eat. Are you looking for Chocolate? Craving a turkey sandwich, a juicy steak or a pizza? Do you need a late night snack or groceries? Did you run out of milk? Not to worry, there is food within walking distance.

We have just what we need. -No, I take that back, I want a Taco Bell!!

Baca County Thriftway
165 W. 11th Ave, Springfield CO 81073

New owners, and New stock, reorganized.

Walsh Community Grocery Store Inc.
535 N. Colorado, Walsh CO

Loves Country Store,
1100 Main Street, 719-523-4100
SUBWAY Sandwiches ready to go!

Loaf 'N Jug,
1101 Main Street,
They have Great Pizza!