Community Resource Center

Springfield is very proud of our new resource center which houses our Library, our Museum and the Senior meals program, meals on wheels.. The center is available for community use, personal use and just about anything. The resource center is a great place to research historical events looking through past newspapers, genealogy records, etc.

Entrance Resource Center    Inside Hall, resource center


New Community Center



Serving the Food
Wanda and Peggy seeing that we get fed.

Watching the Show.
Springfield citizens waiting for the next performance.


And the line dancing girls are here!
Line dancers enjoy entertaining the crowd.

Gettting on the Internet
Need to get on the Internet for some research?

Gettting on the Internet
Well lookie what I found here!

Dining area
Dining area at the resource center.

Signing in at the Resource center
sheet for visitors, main entrance hall.Sign-in she