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Baca County is located in the southeastern corner of Colorado. New Mexico and Oklahoma border it on the south, with Kansas on the east. .

It is located within the physiographic province of the Great Plains, and ranges from 3,500 feet to 5,280 elevation above sea level. The climate is semi-arid, with an average annual precipitation of about 12 inches in northwest corner to about 17 inches in the southeastern corner.

Compared with the Front Range communities, land, labor and cost of living are low, with labor having a strong work ethic. Baca County is the fifth most populous county in the southeast Colorado Enterprise Development region and is the second least densely populated with 1.8 persons per square mile in the 2000 census. The state average is 41.5 persons per square mile.

Baca County is in an enterprise zone that offers tax credits as well as other assistance in relocating in southeastern Colorado. to their own herd. Higher education is available within 50 to just over 100 miles away at Lamar Community Collage, Otero Junior Collage at La Junta or Panhandle University near Guymon, Oklahoma.

US Highway 287 has been designated as the Ports-to Plains Trade Corridor between Old Mexico and Denver, Colorado. This Designation is bringing improved travel and safety on the major north/south highway. An east/west highway, 160 intersects with 287 just south of Springfield. It is a major route across southern Colorado between Kansas and Arizona. Highway 50 from Pueblo east to Kansas state line has been designated as a connector route and is being funded for major improvements starting in the near future.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad is a main north/south freight line, with a short line, the Cimarron railroad, serving the Walsh and Vilas Communities east into Kansas.

There are five good schools serving the six communities. Federal, State and County government offices are in Springfield. Emergency medical help is on call in all six communities with the Southeast Colorado Hospital providing excellent medical care, with nursing home and Alzheimer care units. The Walsh and Springfield Communities have assisted living facilities for the elderly. Springfield Communities have assisted living facilities for the elderly.

Springfield hosts a Class B-1 municipal airport, with pilot control lighting, MIRL, the runway is 5,000 by 60 feet of concrete at an elevation of 4,390 feet. It was constructed in 1999. Drive time to town is 5 minutes.

Recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, bird watching and exploring the canyon lands with their rock art, archeological and paleontology history.

Baca County Courthouse

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Baca County is located in Southeastern Colorado on New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas borders. The court house is located at 741 Main Street Springfield, CO 81073.

Baca County is 2,559 square miles with a population of 4,517. It was incorporated in 1889.

The court house is open at 8:00 a.m. to 4:40 p.m. Elected offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Emergency: Non-Emergency: 523-4121
Assessor 741 Main Springfield 523-4332
Clerk & Recorder 741 Main Springfield 523-4372
County Commissioners Court House Springfield 523-6532
County Health Nurse Court House Annex 523-6621
County Shop Dist 1 311 Main Two Buttes 326-5921
County Shop Dist 2 121 W 1st Campo 787-2433
County Shop Dist 3 N of Pritchett 523-4021
District and Court House Springfield 523-4555
Election Department 741 Main Springfield 523-4881
Extension Department 741 Main Springfield 523-6971
Extension Agent Court House Springfield 523-6971
Public Welfare Department 772 Colorado, Springfield 523-4131
Sheriff Emergency 911
Sheriff 265 E 2nd Ave Springfield 523-6677
Treasurer 741 Main, Springfield 523-4262

County Commissioners Meetings

Baca County Commissioners meetings are usually are on the 7th, 18th, and last working day of the month. The Public is invited.

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