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If you want Information about Springfield government or Baca County government or phone numbers, please go to the proper page and find the proper phone numbers. Links are to the left.

For Baca County Emails:


Clerk and Recorder:

Baca County Treasurer Susan Cochell

Baca Commissioners:

Baca Sheriff Dave Campbell dcampbell@bacacountyco.gov


My email:

Due to the enormous amount of spam mucking up my website email address, I have removed the email entirely. If you go to the "about" page there is an email address there.

PLEASE READ: This is not the local Newspaper's website. Springfieldcolorado.com is not affiliated with the Plainsman Herald newspaper so please don't send notices, articles or news to me for publication in the newspaper.

Plainsman Herald's address is:
849 Main St. Springfield 81073
phone number is: 719-523-6254,


And We don’t need no stinking press passes. 

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