Springfield Cemetery

Burial Record Baca County, Colorado
Published in 1994.

This Burial Recordwas compiled by the Fort William Bent Chapter. National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and includes 6,000+ entries from 24 cemeteries and graves located on homesteads. There are 158 pages including and an 11 page surname index.

(No more copies of this book are available.)

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Burial record Baca County Colorado, Cemeterys:

Springfield CO Cemetery, Boston Cemetery, Campo Cemetery, Carrizo Springs Cemetery, Chadderdon-Capansky, Chappel Hill, German Dunkard, Old German Baptist, Hines Cemetery, Konantz Cemetery, Lay's Chapel Cemetery, Lonestar Cemetery, Maxey Cemetery, Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Old Number Two Cemetery, Prairie Queen Cemetery, Regnier Cemetery, Rodley Cemetery, Stonington Cemetery, Two Buttes Cemetery, Vilas cemetry, Walsh Cemetery, Zion Cemetery, Graves on homesteads,

This list of burials in Baca County includes records through 1993. Members of Fort William Bent Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, began by first walking the known burial grounds and copying tombstone inscriptions.

Next, Baca County newspapers available at the Baca County Historical Society Museum and on microfilm at the Colorado Historical Society were researched for obituaries and death notices. In addition, records of Rich's Mortuary in Springfield, Colorado, dating back to 1935 were entered and are included in the cemetery if no tombstone was noted.

In some cases, such as in the Homestead Graves listings, land records were used to find names of the persons buried there, as were probate records, current land owner information, and senior citizens of the communities whose memories gave us clues as to identities of the persons interred. Only those persons definitely identified as being buried in a particular location are listed herein.

In all cemeteries unknown graves exist where records have been lost or destroyed, and only those who could be named are included in this book. Numerous single grave sites also exist throughout the county, but if no name could be found of the person buried there, that grave is not listed in these records. Obviously, errors will occur, and we found many just in the discrepancy between written records and the tombstone inscriptions. In these cases, the names and/or date of the written record was used, and are noted.

In Colorado, the State Registrar and local registrars are required to protect the information contained in vital records from unwarranted 01 indiscriminate disclosure. Therefore, it was legally impossible to consult the vital records of the county for verification of birth and death dates and the correct spelling of names. Such records are available only to those who can meet the requirements of having a direct and tangible interest or can meet the requirements of state law and regulation.

This work has been an attempt to document the people who have lived and died in this county for future generations. Anita F. Bishop, Regent Fort William Bent Chapter NSDAR Deep appreciation goes to the many individuals who cooperated in the collection of data necessary for the compilation of this record. Although it would be impossible to name everyone, those who are not members of Fort William Bent Chapter NSDAR and listed below deserve to be thanked for their willingness to make this volume a reality.

Baca Weekly, Jack Crill, Kenton Dykes, Odessa Grogan, Dale Mackey, Darrell Mackey, Steve and Jamie McEndree, Donna Meltabarger, Lillie Merkley, Valorie Millican, Lolly Ming, Betty Nutt, Ike Osteen, Yvonne Parker, Plainsman Herald, Rich Funeral Home, Helen Rich, Amy Rodgers Venter, Barbara Woody, Paul & Lenora Wray.

(No more copies of this book are available.)

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