April Snow, Springfield Colorado

More Snow

Electric "Blizzard" paints Springfield white, and warm temperatures melt snow fast.

Studio B at The Treasure Chest Mall
April 14, 2007:
Budding trees bowed, and some broke with the burden of new snow, after this Friday the 13th snow storm, billed as a blizzard. The wind blew a chill into spring time, but the sun came out on Saturday and promised to melt everything by the end of the week.

An Electric Storm.

It was a rather strange electrical snow storm and the sound of thunder shook the area worse than most spring rain storms do. The sky was white and thunder rocked the area, vibrating windows. An electrical surge moved through the power lines crashing computers, flipping surge protectors and shutting down some cordless phones which require an electrical outlet to work.

I had to get out Saturday morning to take pictures because I knew that by Sunday there may not be much left. People here in Baca County are anxious for the spring to arrive so they can start their gardening. Many trees in blossom at this time may not see fruit this year. Some tree branches have broken from the weight of the snow.

As the snow fell, the Colorado Springs news stations talked of having a dry and hot summer with dangers of wild fires. From where I am looking, I just don’t see it, not for Baca County anyway. But then, they did not get four feet of snow in December like we did.

Snow Shoes Not Necessary.

After that last snow storm leaving 4 feet with even higher drifts, I bought a pair of lightweight snowshoes that let me walk on top of the snow drifts. Today, I did not use them. Unless the snow is knee or waist deep, they are more trouble than they are worth. So this snow is classified SSNN. (Snow Shoes Not Necessary.) I just put on a pair of over-the-ankle boots and tromped through the snow. Will I ever need to use my snow shoes again? Possibility, but I hope not.

Memorial Park, Springfield Colorado   Flag flying in Memorial Park, Springfield Colorado
Two views of Springfield Memorial Park with new snow

Tenth and Colorado Street, Springfield Colorado
Even Side streets were cleared Saturday.

Looking back, this little blizzard was a cake walk.

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