Airport in Springfield Colorado

Unless you charter a plane or own your own, our airport has no flights available leaving soon. A small jet can land and take off, but incoming planes should make arrangements for someone to pick them up because there are no regular taxies to take you to Springfield which is a pretty long walk if you are carrying bags. Courtesy tranportation is available at the Springfield Municipal Airport. Contact Blue Rose Ranch Aviation at 303-796-7739 to reserve the vehicle.

The Springfield Municipal Airport is located 3 miles north of Springfield The mailing address is P.O. BOX 4, Springfield, CO 81073 . Jurisdiction: The Springfield Police Department has jurisdiction at the airport. (Phone: 719-523-6241, Night: 719-523-4511) Estimated driving time to the Hospital from the airport is 5 minutes.

Runway at Springfield Colorado Airport

Approximate time to clear runway after snowfall is 1 to 2 hours. The concrete runway is 5000 ft long, 60 ft wide and was constructed in 1999. Pilot control lighting MIRL frequency 122.9
Emergency: Non-Emergency: 523-4121
7 Clicks high medium intensity
5 Clicks medium, medium intensity
3 Clicks low medium intensity.
Elevation 4390
Airport ID: 8v7
Runway No. 17.35
Airport Classification: (ARC) B-1
No Charges to land, ramp or overnight (Tie downs available) For weather at airport call: 719-523-4516

Hanger at Springfield Airport, no services