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This site was first published on the Internet In 2001, when most of the people I met here did not even have an Internet connection. I created the site with a small souped up 486 IBM computer with 230 total megabytes of storage space and a dial up Internet connection. Today, that amount of storage space would only hold a few pictures.

I had to search for programs that were made by machine level programming created by hacker nerds just to be able to function. My operating system was Windows 3.1. With that computer I learned all about HTML from free tutors on the Internet and began building a web site. I am no computer nerd, I just learned what I needed to know to get the job done. It was not that the newer technology wasn't there, I just didn't have it.

This Web site is about Springfield Colorado and is published for citizens and by citizens who help to contribute news and information. We offer free classified ads and we publish news releases related to Baca County and Southeast Colorado.

People enjoyed this Springfield site and because of it some of them decided to move here, so I kept it up in hopes that more people might discover Springfield (and the Internet) and more Springfield residents would find a use for the site. (continued below)

In addition to information about Springfield, this site has a Springfield business directory, a current events calendar, and a local news blog for posting news quickly. It also has information about Springfield, area businesses and about Baca County.

The Business directory is a quick reference to local businesses and phone numbers. If you would like your business listed in the directory or if your business information needs to be updated, please contact me.

I have updated many of the pages over the years and I am currently updating them again, beginning with the main pages. Some of the older pages will probably remain unchanged, but I don't want to take them completely down if they are still viewed and linked to by Internet search engines.

Older pages can be found by using the search feature on the site or by going to the site map which is a link at the bottom of the page. Currently, my task and intent is to improve and update the main pages.

The Springfield News Blog and this site is privately owned and operated and is not affiliated with, supported by, or endorsed by the city of Springfield, Baca County, or the Local Newspaper. It has been on the web since 2001, when at that time, it felt like to me, that very few people in Springfield even had internet access.

I welcome any news contributions, news releases, photos, or classified ads from the citizens of Springfield and Baca County.

The only cash revenue I receive from this web site comes from the adsense ads. This is not an official government web site. This site is privately owned and maintained by Gloria Jean.

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