Updated JUNE , 2015

This Web site is about Springfield Colorado and is published for citizens and by citizens who contribute news and information.

In addition to information about Springfield, this site has a Springfield business directory and a blog. It also has information about the Springfield, area businesses and about Baca County.

The Business directory is a quick reference to local businesses and phone numbers. If you would like your business listed in the directory or if your business information needs to be updated, please contact me at jean@springfieldcolorado.com.

UPDATES:Updates come around every few years and some of the older pages will probably remain unchanged, and may be found through the search feature or from a search engine.

The Springfield News Blog and this site is privately owned and operated and is not affiliated with the city of Springfield, Baca County, or the Local Newspaper.

We welcome any news contributions, news releases, photos, or classified ads from the citizens of Springfield and Baca County.

Send local and Baca County News and News Releases to:


Why We don’t need no stinking press passes. 


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