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Fatal Accident on US 287

Brandy Wheatley from Houston Texas Killed.  

October 19,2005  Baca County's Best News Source


The Colorado State Patrol is investigating a two-car motor ve­hicle accident that occurred on Colorado 287 five miles north of Springfield on Sunday morning, October 16. The accident oc­curred when 29 year old, Brandy Wheatley, of Houston, Texas, was traveling south on Colorado 287, and drifted into the north­bound lane and collided with a semi truck. The semi attempted to maneuver out of the path of Mrs. Wheatley's 2003 Dodge Durango, by running onto the east shoulder of the highway and ten off of the east road edge.

The Durango came to rest in the southbound lane after impact. Mrs. Wheatley sustained fatal in­juries from the accident. Mrs. Wheatley was restrained and the airbags in the Durango were de­ployed. The driver of the semi sustained minor cuts from broken window glass during the accident.

The semi's driver side, saddle tank was ruptured and came off of the vehicle leaking diesel fuel all over the highway. State Patrol Hazardous Materials Teams re­sponded to the scene and man­aged the fuel spill. State Patrol Motor Carrier Safety also re­sponded and performed an in­spection on the semi truck and the driver's paperwork. The State Patrol Accident Reconstruction Team is currently investigating the accident. Colorado 287 north of Springfield was shutdown from the accident for approximate!) five hours while the accident was being investigated and clean up was conducted.